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Berean|Fine Arts

Our passion is for music to be a worshiped-fueled celebration to our God. We want to equip them with inspiration and knowledge to use their gifts to His glory. Instrumental music, choir, composition, tech, and theatre are all avenues for the gift of music to be explored. Through musical theatre, instrumental music, worship band, and digital music, there is an avenue for every studnet.


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The purpose of our drama department is to glorify God through excellence and integrity in the theatrical arts while providing a practical and safe outlet for students to affirm their beliefs towards the Christian’s role in entertainment.


The art department strives to create an environment of creativity for our students, showing them, that, much like God’s creation, art reflects design, and nothing is created in random. Students are taught the elements and of art, the principles of design and art history. We use a wide variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, and mixed media.



Graphic Design encourages practical and hands-on utilization of an artist’s gifts. We aim to enhance and develop the student’s awareness of God, being the ultimate designer, even as they expand their own God-given talent.


2329 Prosser Road

Knoxville, Tennessee 37914



Monday - Friday 7:30 - 3:30

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